Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Here I am again! Did I scare you? Hey, life has been busy but I decided to put out a new look and get you updated a little - at least for the one follower I have out there.

Here's a little look at one of Taylor's favorite things to do - sing with Liberty!
He really puts on quite a show in his little "singing shirt". Otherwise known as a sport coat!

We sang in a showcase at National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY this year. We had to run out to the bus to burn a track last minute - little nerve racking but we made it.

Here's the man- I can't believe he's four! By the way, he's all boy!
Here's my little 8 year old princess! She's a sweet little girl.

Diane and I started our own group (named E'LAN) and here we are in the studio laying down some background vocals to get ready for an event we sang at.

Liberty stopped in St. Louis on our way home from Kentucky and got to go to a Rams vs. Giants football game. It was cool - we got 100.00 seats for 10.00 from some dude cruising the streets trying to sell them! We were a little leary of their legitamacy but everything panned out fine and we got to enjoy half of the game in some great seats!

Taking in the ARCH.

Liberty just got back from singing at the Northwest Laymen's Retreat in Kimberly, British Columbia. It was gorgeous! Diane was able to go with me so that was even more enjoyable.

Here's the lodge we stayed in.

A shot with the love of my life.

I'm actually driving the bus right here and this beautiful girl came for a photo op! It's tough to be famous!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the little update. Keep checking in, you never know when I'll get inspired!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Is It Worth Waiting For?

There are some individuals (Keith Waggoner) who can find the time to post on their blog nearly every day! My hat is off to the man - I'm doing good getting here once a month. But, be encouraged because I have some new pictures from our snow in Idaho to our California weekend trips. Here goes!
Taylor playing with his train set he got for Christmas. Why didn't they have things like this when I was a kid?
Diane has a new job working at God's Garden of Learning Daycare and Preschool. So that means she gets home after six - which in turn means I make dinner!! Exciting! Here I have some eager, willing helpers. Taylor is scrubbing potatos and carrots for me and Courtney helped pour stuff into pans. They do like to help me out with different things.

We have had probably the most snow in town except one other time when we first moved to Idaho. Taylor and I went outside on the big snow shoveling excursion. Everything went pretty good until Taylor started doing this stuff...

One of these times I caught some of his shovel of snow in the face! I was REALLY blessed!!

We headed to Ripon, CA for a weekend and sang in Sacramento, etc. Here is some of the snow we encountered on our trip there. This was around Truckee, CA.

We headed home for the week and then left again last night for a little "southern" California trip. This is around San Francisco. The island, mid-right of the picture, is the famous "Alcatrez" prison. I would love to tour this historical site but I'm afraid they would keep Dan and Royce.

A little better shot of the prison.

Heading across the bridge. I love these views!

The size of the cargo ships are incredible!

When we arrived at our motel, Dan and I scrubbed up the bus to give it a better look for our weekend of concerts. Keith and Royce, well -- they headed for the rooms.

I hope you enjoyed the little pictoral update. I'll try to get back a little more often. Peace out!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Just for Jon

Alright, alright! I know it's been awhile but honestly, I have a life that I have to keep going too! I titled this "Just for Jon" because my best friend from college days has been complaining (through other people, mind you) that I haven't posted in awhile - but I'm still here and have a lot to tell you about. I'll throw some pictures at you too.

One of the exciting things in my life recently was the opportunity to fly back to Asheville, NC and record some new tracks for Liberty Quartet with the esteemed Roger Talley. That was simply amazing! I met some great studio musicians and was honestly blown away with their talent. I have a few mixed emotions about that time: 1. I can't play the piano 2. I want to practice more than ever before! It was very inspiring to say the least.

This new project won't be finished until next year but I've started the process rolling so we can record hopefully in March or April some time.

Here's the little man -Taylor with the family cat "Twinkles". Yea - you read right - Twinkles. Courtney named her.

Setting up the Christmas tree in the family room.

Courtney helps out with the decorating while Taylor drinks his 'coffee' (consisting of mostly milk)
Here's a picture of our new-found friends: Nate and Melissa Roskam - actually, I should say the Reverend Nathan Roskam. He is the lead Youth Pastor at our church. We have been hanging out with them more and love getting to know them. They are great people and a lot of fun to be with. He's pretty crazy too - that always helps!

Here I am again with the greatest person that's ever come into my life! I'm blessed with a wonderful family.

Yea - here he is again! I just can't leave it alone totally! I know the blog war has slowed down a little but that doesn't mean Keith is out of range yet!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Moving on now...

I realize that everything has been focused on a Mr. Keith Waggoner lately - it's definitely time to move on to more interesting things. I guess I don't understand how he finds so much time to post so regularly but hey, each man has his own list of priorities.

Well, in my life I have been traveling and then traveling some more while my daughter Courtney is doing the 2nd grade school thing and Taylor continues to beller out Liberty tunes. Diane is a hard working, busy Mom with a full-time job at Gold's Gym. That's life on a regular basis but we do find time for family fun, and church, etc.

Here's a picture of the latest family fun - a little neighborhood trick-or-treating. Taylor was a Power Ranger and Courtney a Princess. Diane was beautiful and me, well - I just showed up.

Spider Man is the neighbor boy (Alex) and Mr Power Ranger (Taylor) is looking on in amazement.

Here's my little Princess.

I opted for no costume - I figure it was bad enough the way it was. Thankfully Di helps bring beauty to the relationship.

As far as church, we are really enjoying our worship experience at Nampa First Church of the Nazarene. www.nfcnaz.org Pastor Kent is an incredible pastor and has a passion for God that comes through in his personality and ministry. The music department is led by Mike Wiebe and he does a great job blending traditional hymns with contemporary choruses. Diane is getting more involved doing some choir accompanying, and singing and playing keyboards for praise team.

On Tuesday evenings Diane and I go to a small group Bible study that we have really been enjoying. We have been studying the book "Power to Be Free" which talks about being led by the Spirit of God. Life can be so crazy sometimes -it's great to slow down and take time to pray with friends and discuss spiritual issues.

Well, we're on the road to the Pacific Gospel Music Association Convention (long enough name?) We (Liberty Quartet) are one of the featured groups - it should be a great time. I'll post some pics later. By the way, I get to be part of a cool event... I'll tell you later.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

People are coming through!

It has been very interesting to see the responses from those of you who are like-minded in my attempts at giving a very balanced and unbiased account of life as a friend of Keith Waggoner!
I have received different emails and pictures to share on my blog because you all realize how unfair things have been in the blog world. So with no further introduction, I submit the following photos of my friend Keith Waggoner:

Here's 'lil Keith
Keith with childhood playmates -things started going wrong here!
His insatiable thirst for the camera started at such a young, vulnerable age.
Just completing his first concert as a tenor??
He's pretty happy about the growing fan base!
Kudos to Keith! Actually looks cool shaved - he's just too chicken to wear it to concerts!
This is where he'll be if things don't turn around for him! Right beside our good buddy Dan!
I think that's enough for now. Honestly, there's only so much of this kind of thing my blog can take at a time! It's a little scary to me that someone this un-photogenic would be so willing to step in front of a lense time and time again! I really do wish him the best - I'm sure there's some way that God can use him!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It has been so quickly proven!

Well, case in point!! I had no idea that Keith would reinforce and prove what I said so quickly! I mean, think about it - he thought he was responding to my blog post; what he was really doing was proving that he is camera hungry/greedy. In fact,the picture of me on his site is one that I staged and asked Dan to take of me. I told Keith to email it to me so I could post it but NO - he had to put it on his blog already. Have I received it yet?? NO!
He has so quickly proven his insatiable thirst for the "get even spirit".
By the way, I thought it was also interesting that he felt "led" to post his reply on his own turf instead of commenting on my blog. I guess it takes real strength to face issues head on. I have tried diligently to post this comment on his blog but he has so many blocks, etc there that I wasn't successful. Between having to reenter my password time and time again and having to type some kind of weird word, I just realized that all my efforts were totally in vain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

and more photos

Here's the love of my life! She's amazing!

Well, there's a small view into our family. I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm a blessed man - I love my family!

Still Here

Yea, I'm still here in the world of blogging. Thanks to everyone who actually visited the site and responded- it's great to hear from people I've known for years but have somewhat lost contact with. I must say that it seems like some people do spend a lot of time blogging and surfing and everything else associated with a screen and keys - what do they do for a living? I guess I can see how it would be addicting.

Hey, people have been telling me to say hi to Diane - I'm going to post some pics in a later post but she has the camera with her at work that has the recent ones on it. In the meantime, here's one of the kids.

I told you that it was only fair for me to have equal time with Keith's blog. Let me explain this: Keith is the Liberty "geek" and has his laptop with him just about for every trip. He also is the first to take Royce's camera and any other camera that he can get hold of and download all of the pictures from the evening. He then makes his selections very carefully (meaning he takes the worst of us and the best of him) and posts them to his blog. So, one of my missions with this site is to show you that Keith has been biased (to make him look good) and I need to unashamedly share the whole truth! This picture is one from this last weekend in LaPine, OR and he is doing his normal, stage enhancing performance of some song. This is Keith at his finest! My only regret is, I don't have a clearer picture to share with you. Rest assured, my quest for photos shall go on - it's my obligation! Maybe, just maybe someone out there has a picture or two from Keith's history that they could email to me - I would love to share them. My address is dritchey@clearwire.net